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Born unto a different cloth, there are men in this world who host an uncommon desire. For those who hope to one day join the elite few, we hope to provide you with the proper intel to help you achieve your goal... and maybe one day meet up down range

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We post lots of photos on this blog and bad ass shit, but this has always been a mode of informing aspiring young men on their path to Spec Ops positions. Please feel free to ask us questions so we can help you acheive your goals!


Us navy seals in Vietnam 

Turning off birthdays since 1962.

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75th Ranger Regiment. photos sourced from public domain

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CAG and SAS Form Small Kill Teams To Vanquish Islamic State - - August 25, 2014

Elite military operatives from the US as well as the British SAS have formed a number of Small Kill Teams to embed with local militant groups in Syria and Iraq to seek out and destroy Islamic State key leadership and infrastructure.

The operation has been dubbed Task Force Black. The teams will be using sophisticated equipment, including drones that can remain on station 24 hours a day, to hunt down the killer of US journalist James Foley and other high-value IS members.

The UK’s mission will focus on capturing British citizens that have declared Jihad by traveling to Iraq and Syria to join the Islamic State. It is believed that at least 500 Brits are currently terrorizing the region, and by capturing them, we will develop intelligence on the facilitation of Western foreign fighters and possibly the location of “Jihadi John,” the British accented executioner of Foley.

The Elite American teams will apparently be hunting IS leader Abu bakr al-Baghdadi in an attempt weaken the insurgent group’s control over the region. IS is an extremist organization group built around an ideology and not an army, so taking out a commander will not end their reign of terror, for he will be immediately replaced by someone who shares similar ideals. There is always a good chance, though, that the new leadership will not be accepted by all, causing the group to splinter into smaller, weaker factions that end up fighting each other.

The US has been drooling over the idea of openly operating in Syria for some time, and we thought we had an easy way in with the suspicious chemical weapons attack ordeal that happened a year ago. However, Americans were wholly unsupportive of intervention at that time due to the lack of evidence supporting the narrative of the deadly attack.

The White House was patient. We sat and watched the Islamic State build momentum in Syria, and we watched in astonishment as a couple hundred of them sent 30,000 heavily armed Iraqi soldiers scattering without contest, leaving behind an incredible stockpile of military equipment and high powered weaponry. We watched as they executed security forces, civilians, minorities, and children, thus making them Public Enemy #1, and now the entire world (Pope included) is on board with killing these guys.

So as we replace Maliki with a new puppet prime minister which will give us greater justification to strike IS targets in non-Kurdish regions as well as the resurfaced violent Shia militias operating around Baghdad, the pieces have all fallen into place. Coincidentally, the region claimed by al-Baghdadi to be the new caliphate is also the region we have sought to control for decades. Now, with an enemy so vile and terrifying, the Western Empire is back to take what is ours as the world cheers. ~Will

ISIS bout’ to get they block knocked


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